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[14 May 2017 | No Comment | ]
Judd and Luca play for Kika

Judd and Luca were yesterday, 13 May 2017, in Belgium, at Luca Brecel Snooker Academy to play an exhibition in support of Kika, a charity that supports children with cancer and their families since 2002. It was a great night: Luca won the exhibition match, playing very well indeed. Grove has a long history of supporting Kika since top referee Jan Verhaas and snooker blogger Annet Van Riel organised the first “Kika” snooker event in the Netherlands back in 2012; at the time Judd and Ronnie O’Sullivan had offered signed …

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[12 May 2017 | No Comment | ]
Best of Snooker in Slovenia – 11 May 2017

Judd, Luca and Oli were involved in an exhibition, yesterday evening in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Judd won over Ronnie O’Sullivan by 5-3 and Oliver Lines beat Luca by 3-1. The event was attended by a 1500+ enthusiast audience. After the exhibition, Judd expressed his appreciation for the knowledgeable Slovenian crowd and vowed to return to Ljubljana, with Ronnie, soon.

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[12 Sep 2016 | No Comment | ]
Eleven30 Series – Final Week-end

Ronnie won leg 5 in Bradford on Saturday, 10 September, and Judd won leg 6 the next day, in Preston. So the series ended 3-3, but Ronnie came out the winner, because he scored 10 centuries, whilst Judd made 3. Ronnie also had the highest break of the series a 141. Both players hugely enjoyed the challenge and they now want a decider!!!

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[6 Sep 2016 | No Comment | ]
Eleven30 Series Leg 4 – All square!

Ronnie won the 4th leg of the Eleven30 series in Petersborough, beating Judd Trump by an emphatic 6-0, with breaks of 114, 84, 77, 109, 57 and 112. It’s now all squares in the series, with Ronnie leading by 7 centuries to 3, which could prove crucial if they end up at 3-3 next week-end. All to play for though! Great for the fans.
Ronnie played very, very well but Judd wasn’t probably at his sharpest having been stranded on the motoway en route to the venue. Not ideal preparation …

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[21 Aug 2016 | No Comment | ]
Eleven30 Series – Leg 3 – Ronnie pulls one back but Judd got the cake!

Ronnie beat Judd Trump by 6-4 in leg 3 of the Eleven30 series, in Goffs, Ireland. He still trails 2-1 overall though.
It all started with a meet and greet for the VIPs, and a very surprised Judd was presented with a birtday cake. Happy 27 Judd!!!
Goffs is a fantastic venue, and the Irish crowd is always very lively but fair. Last night they were treated to a fantastic match. Just like the two first legs, this was very close and is was high quality: both players made 2 centuries, Ronnie …

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[12 Jun 2016 | No Comment | ]
Eleven30 Series – Event 2 – 11 June 2016

Judd won the second event of the series by 6-4, he now leads Ronnie O’Sullivan by 2-0. This event took place at the Waterfront in Belfast, house of the former North Ireland Trophy. There were more than 2000 people in the audience. The match was close, it went to 4-4 before Judd pulled away for victory.

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[5 Jun 2016 | No Comment | ]
Eleven30 Series – Event 1 – 3 June 2016

Judd won the first event of the Eleven30 series by beating Ronnie (O’Sullivan) by 6-5. The event was held at the Lakeside country club, in Surrey.
The series consists of 6 events, all played over best of 11, under a 30 seconds shot clock. At the end of the series the winner takes it all. If both players win 3 matches, whoever has the most centuries will be declared the winner.

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[25 May 2016 | No Comment | ]
Best of Snooker in Bucharest

Judd and Neil were in Romania with Mark Selby for a snooker gala, the “Best of Snooker”
Ramona Dragomir, respected Romanian blogger and HUGE snooker fan was there, so here is her report.
Thank you Ramona for allowing us to share your post!

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[24 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]
Ronnie, Jack and Wenbo in Poland

Ronnie, Jack and Wenbo have landed in Poland (with Django of course but there is no table tennis involved, so …) The event was well attended, as well over 1000 people watched Ronnie beat Ali by 2-0 in the final match of the day, with a 137 in the process. The players got a fantastic reception, from the organisers, the sponsors and the public and each of them produced some great entertaining snooker as the (long) day unfolded on the table. Big thank you to everyone involved and in particular to Marcin Nitschke, the main man behind the organisation and a great player.

Look here at the pictures taken on and off the table in Zielona Gora